Flannel Friday: I Saw a Giraffe Drive By

When I was in library school, we had an assginment to make a booklist centered around a theme — any theme we wanted.  My theme was “Animals and Their Vehicles”.  Ever since that booklist, I’ve had a soft spot for animals taking a spin, and I’ve used it as a storytime theme a few times.  Here’s a great flannelboard that goes with it.

I Saw a Giraffe Drive By
May be sung to the tune of “Down by the Bay”
I Saw A Giraffe Drive By Flannelboard
Poem and Patterns from Toddler Storytime Programs by Diane Briggs

One sunny day I saw a giraffe drive by,
In a shiny car and a big bow tie.
Then I saw a sheep,
Riding in a jeep.
Then I saw a duck,
Driving a truck.
One sunny day.

One sunny day I saw a platypus,
He was going for a ride on a little orange school bus.
Then I saw a goat,
She was rowing a boat.
Then I saw a bear,
Flying through the air,
One sunny day.

Oh, me, oh, my,
What a lot of funny animals went by!

I’ve mentioned before that I got a lot of flannelboards from my mom when she retired.  This is another one of those, and I think it’s among my favorite.  My mom somehow cajoled my dad into making her flannelboards for her, so when I use them it’s like using a small piece of family history as well. 

Today’s Flannel Friday roundup is hosted by Anne at so tomorrow.  For more information on Flannel Friday, visit the Flannel Friday blog or Pinterest page.

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