1st Grade Storytime – Valentine’s Day

One of the measurements I use to judge how successful my Valentine’s Day storytime is with an elementary school group is how many “ewwww”s it evokes. ‘Cause there is nothing early elementary kids like better than romance.  Judging on that criteria, this storytime seemed like a hit.

MOVEMENT: My Wiggles

Froggys First Kiss by London
Froggy’s First Kiss by Jonathan London

Vincent’s Valentine Animals
Patterns and Story from  A Storytime Year,  by Susan M. Dailey.
For the story, see this blog post.

MOVEMENT: We Work With One Hammer*

Yuckiest Stinkiest Best Valentine Ever vy Ferber
The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever by Brenda A. Ferber

Little Bear's Band DVD
“Valentine’s Day” from Little Bear: Little Bear’s Band

Valentines Collection DVD
“One Zillion Valentine’s” from The Valentine’s Collection DVD

This was a pretty fun storytime.  It’s always great to hear the reaction of the kids when you read Froggy’s First Kiss and get to the kissing scene.  Since The Yuckiest, Stinkiest, Best Valentine Ever is a new book, this was my first time trying it out with a group, and I really thought it worked great.  I think I can use it as a second grade pick as well.  I need more Valentine’s stories for the older groups – a lot of what I’m familiar with is for the young ones.  In hindsight I think I should have shown One Zillion Valentines as the movie, because Little Bear was a little too young for this group.

ATTENDANCE: 20 people

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