Brr! It’s a Cold Winter – Preschool Storytime

Since I presented this storytime the day before the new season, it’s time to celebrate Winter!

MOVEMENT: Welcome Song*

MOVEMENT: “Jump Up, Turn Around” from Jim Gill’s Irrational Anthem by Jim Gill


Froggy Gets Dressed
 by Jonathan London, illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

MOVEMENT:  The Winter Pokey
(to the tune of “The Hokey Pokey”)
(taken from Steph on Perpetual Preschool)

You put your right mitten in
You put your right mitten out
You put your right mitten in
And you shake it all about.
You do the winter pokey
And you turn yourself about
That’s what it’s all about (BRRR! BRRR!)

Other verses:
– Left mitten
– Right boot
– Left boot
– winter hat (head)
– snow suit (whole body)

The Penguin Went Over the Iceberg
Penguin Went Over the Iceberg Flannelboard
(Idea from Storytime Katie)

(to tune of: “The Bear Went Over the Mountain”)
The penguin went over the iceberg
The penguin went over the iceberg
The penguin went over the iceberg
to see what he could see.
But all that he could see
But all that he could see
was the other side of the iceberg
The other side of the iceberg
The other side of the iceberg
was all that he could see.

Snowball, Snowball
Snowball Snowball Flannelboard 1 logo Snowball Snowball Flannelboard 2 logo
(Idea from So Tomorrow)

Snowball, snowball
cold and round!
Behind which mitten
can you be found?
Are you behind the color mitten?

You play this one in the same way as Little Mouse, Little Mouse – by hiding the snowball behind a mitten before you start and then seeing if you can find it.  Since I had a really small group today, and they were older, I let the kids pick which mitten I should turn over.

Cute Little Snowman
A cute little snowman                   (hold up left fist for snowman)
Had a carrot nose                        (stick out pointer finger on fist to make nose, if you want)
Along came a rabbit                     (hold up 2 fingers of right hand to make a rabbit)
And what do you suppose?
That hungry little rabbit                (move the right hand closer to the left hand)
Looking for his lunch
Ate that snowman’s carrot nose
nibble, nibble, crunch.                (lightly pinch left pointer finger or fist with right hand)



Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep! by Maureen Wright, illustrated by Will Hillenbrand

MOVEMENT: Watch the Snowflakes
(to tune of “Frere Jacques”)
Watch the snowflakes, watch the snowflakes
Floating down, floating down
Oh so very slowly, oh so very slowly
All the way down
to the ground.


“The Snowy Day” from The Snowy Day… and more Ezra Jack Keats stories based on the book by Ezra Jack Keats

MOVEMENT: Storytime’s Over*


Book: One- Dog Sleigh by Mary Casanova, pictures by Ard Hoyt
Book:Winter is the Warmest Season by Lauren Stringer
Book: Snowmen at Night by Caralyn Buehner, pictures by Mark Buehner
Book: A Kitten Tale by Eric Rohmann

Flannelboard: The Mitten based on the book by Jan Brett

This was a fun storytime, but a very small one — I only had 7 people there!  I think with the holidays, it was just slower.  I wish I had had an older age flannelboard ready to go for this one (probably The Mitten), but they seemed to like Snowball, Snowball since they got to participate.

ATTENDANCE: 7 (adults and children)

*To see the words to these movements and activities I use frequently, please visit my A-capella Movements Section on my Storytime Movements and Music Page

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