Slow Stories – Preschool Storytime

Let’s slow things down a little bit with some stories about slow things like sloths and snails.

MOVEMENT: Welcome Song*

MOVEMENT: “Clap Your Hands” from Wiggleworms Love You by Old Town School of Folk Music


“Slowly, Slowly, Slowly,” said the Sloth by Eric Carle


Fast and Slow
(taken from A Box Full of Tales by Kathy MacMillan)
Running, running, running fast
We’re really moving but it won’t last.

Now running, running, running slow
Go as slowly as you can go.

Other verse:
Sitting (I added this one as a transition between movement and our next story)

The Tortoise and the Hare
I inherited this Flannel from my mom.  It came with a story and pattern, but I don’t know what book it is from yet.  If/When I find it, I’ll update my source.

Shake Your Shakers
(to the tune of: “London Bridge”)

Shake your shakers, shake shake shake
Shake, shake, shake
Shake, shake, shake
Shake your shakers, shake shake shake
Shake your shakers

Other verses:
Shake your shakers fast


Hi, Harry! The Moving Story of How One Slow Tortoise Slowly Made a Friend by Martin Waddell, illustrated by Barbara Firth


“Leo the Late Bloomer” from Is Your Mama a Llama…and More Stories About Growing Up based on the book by Robert Kraus, pictures by José Aruego

MOVEMENT: Storytime’s Over*


Book: Hurry Up and Slow Down by Layn Marlow
Book: Inch by Inch by Leo Lionni (also the video)

This was a fun and storytime.  It’s fun to read books about slow things, because it makes me slow down the pace at which I read.  Of course, that meant we ended up going a little longer than I probably should have time-wise, but for the most part, listeners stayed engaged.

ATTENDANCE: 23 (adults and children)

DATE PRESENTED: Saturday, August 24, 2019 @ Children’s Room

*To see the words to these movements and activities I use frequently, please visit my A-capella Movements Section on my Storytime Movements and Music Page

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