Owls – Infant Storytime

We finished up our Fall Infant Storytime with Owls!

MOVEMENT: Welcome Song*

MOVEMENT: Peek-a-Boo*

BOUNCE: In the Toaster*

BOUNCE: Ride a Little Pony*

BOUNCE: Icky Bicky Soda Cracker*

Good Night Owl by Hutchins
Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins

I skipped the page where you repeat all the bird noises again in this reading.  I would have done that if I had an older audience.

MOVEMENT: “Clap, Tap and Bend” from It’s Toddler Time by Carol Hammett and Elaine Bueffel

One Night Owl
One Night Owl Flannelboard
Pattern via Google Images Search

(to tune of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain)
There was one night owl in the tree:
Hoo!  Hoo!
There was one night owl in the tree:
Hoo!  Hoo!
Oh, he called up to the sky to an owl flying by,
And the owl came and joined him happily:
Hoo!  Hoo!

Repeat with two night owls, three, and four.

BOUNCE: “Smooth Road to London Town” from A Smooth Road to London Town: Songs from the Parent-Child Mother Goose Program by Kathy Reid-Naiman

Wow Said the Owl by Hopgood
Wow! said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

TICKLE: Chicken in the Barnyard*

Little Bo Peep
Little Bo Peep Flannelboard 1Little Bo Peep Flannelboard 2

Pattern and rhyme from Mother Goose’s Playhouse: Toddler Tales and Nursery Rhymes with Patterns for Puppets and Feltboards by Judy Sierra

Little Bo Peep
has lost her sheep
and doesn’t know where
to find them.

Leave them alone
and they’ll come home.
Wagging their tails
behind them.

I do this as is suggested by Sierra in her book.  I hide the sheep as they go up on the flannelboard behind bushes.  We say the rhyme once through, then “look” for the sheep.  Once the sheep are revealed we count them all together, and say the rhyme together once more.

MOVEMENT: “Itsy Bitsy Spider” from Children’s Favorite Songs Volume 3 from Walt Disney

MOVEMENT: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from Songs for Wiggleworms by the Old Town School of Folk Music

MOVEMENT: Storytime’s Over*

 Owl Babies DVD Owlet's First Flight by Modarressi Hoot Hoot by Powell
Book: Owl Babies by Waddell
Book: Owelet’s First Flight by Modarressi
Book: Hoot! Hoot! by Powell


Since this was my last infant storytime for this session I decided to do a quick review of all the different bounces we had learned during the past ten weeks.  It seemed a  good way to keep those ideas fresh for parents.  I could have done the same with the tickles, I suppose, but the children seem to enjoy the bounces more.  I really need to make a flannelboard of Good-Night, Owl! because I think that would translate beautifully into that type of storytelling.  Also, I could probably stand to find a few better, younger books for infants on owls for the next time I do this theme.

ATTENDANCE: 18 people

* For these songs, please see my page Storytime Movements & Music

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