Feeling Toasty!

On Friday, the library is presenting our second ever stuffed animal sleepover!  Right now I’m busy planning all the fun the animals, volunteers and I will have together.

Our first stuffed animal sleepover was during the summer, and I’m trying to take advantage of the difference in seasons to find some new activities for the animals.  One of the most beautiful aspects of our children’s room is the fireplace.   Designed for the library opening in 1927 by Pasadena sculptor Maud Daggett, it’s beautiful, with a mantel based on a famous children’s book.  Can you guess which?

Fireplace in Children's Room
Here are some hints – the sculpture features pirate ships, crocodiles and a young man “crowing”.

It’s Peter Pan!

Everyone always asks if we ever light the fireplace, which we don’t anymore.  But I thought it might make a fun gathering place for the stuffed animals on a cold winter’s night, and for that it definitely needed some light.  So, I created a fire:


Made from a box covered with construction paper, it’s a little ridiculous, but I think it brings a spark of something to the fireplace:

Fire in Fireplace

Hopefully the stuffed animals will enjoy it on Friday night!  And stay tuned for a post about all the sleepover shenanigans.

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