Boats – Infant Storytime

I feel like boats don’t always get as much love as some of the other vehicles do.  But they make a great theme for infant storytime!

SONG: Now it’s Time to Say Hello*
taken from jbrary

MOVEMENT: Peek a Boo*

BOUNCE: The Grandfather Clock*
The grandfather clock goes
tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock (sway baby slowly from side to side)
The kitchen clock goes
tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock (sway or bounce baby a little faster)
And Mommy’s little watch goes
tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick (bounce baby quickly or tickle baby)

asl - boat
taken from Costello, Elaine Ph.D.  Random House Webster’s American Sign Language Dictionary.  1994.

Going to Bed Book by Boynton
The Going to Bed Book
 by Sandra Boynton

MOVEMENT: “Clap, Tap and Bend” from It’s Toddler Time by Carol Hammett and Elaine Bueffel

5 little Boats flannelboard name
Five Little Boats
taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book 2nd Edition by Judy Sierra

The first little boat went chug, chug, chug.
The second little boat went tug, tug, tug.
The third little boat went row, row, row.
The fourth little boat went oh so slow.
Here comes the sailboat – watch it go!

BOUNCE: “Ladies Ride” from Wiggleworms Love You by Old Town School of Folk Music 

MOVEMENT: Patty Cake

Boats Go by Light
Boats Go by Steve Light

TICKLE: Round the World
Round the world, (spin finger in air closer and closer to baby)
Round the world, (spin finger in air closer and closer to baby)
Catch a big bear.
Where are we going to catch him?
Right in THERE! (tickle tummy)

Rub a Dub Dub Flannelboard named
Rub a Dub Dub
(Pattern taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra)
Rub a dub dub,
Three men in a tub.
And who do you think they be?
The butcher.
The baker.
The candlestick maker.
Cast them out, knaves all three.
MOVEMENT: “Itsy Bitsy Spider” from Children’s Favorite Songs Volume 3 from Walt Disney
MOVEMENT: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from Songs for Wiggleworms by the Old Town School of Folk Music
MOVEMENT:  Now it’s Time to Say Goodbye
taken from jbrary

 Boats by Barton Boats by Rockwell
Book: Boats by Byron Barton
Book: Boasts by Anne Rockwell


Looking at the photo of my flannelboard, I’m realizing that I really need to outline the black or darker colors in a lighter color puffy paint so they stand out more.  This is a useful note, because I used to use a blue backed flannelboard, so the black pieces were fine — on a black background, they blend it.  So, puffy paint for maximum useability!

The Going to Bed Book wouldn’t be my first thought when planning a boat storytime, but it worked well with this group, especially because it is a larger lap-sized version.

ATTENDANCE: 37 people (adults and kids)

* For these songs, please see my page Storytime Movements & Music

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