Rain – Infant Storytime

Since we don’t get snow here, the colder months always makes me long for rain.  We may not have it in the weather, but we can have it in storytime!

MOVEMENT: Welcome Song*

MOVEMENT: Peek-a-Boo*

BOUNCE: I’m a Little Cuckoo Clock*



The Rainy Day Puddle by Ei Nakabayashi
I only read half of this one — up to where all the animals are in the puddle, and it says “Hooray for Rainy Day puddles!”

MOVEMENT: “Clap, Tap and Bend” from It’s Toddler Time by Carol Hammett and Elaine Bueffel

Five Little Raindrops

Idea taken from Recipes for Reading 

Five little raindrops
(hold up five fingers)
Dancing on the walk
(move hand from side to side)
Pitter patter, pitter patter, that’s the way they talk.
(pat hands on legs to make a pitter patter noise)
Out comes the yellow sun, shining in the sky
(raise arms up like the sun, if using a flannel sun piece, hold this up)
And away goes one raindrop
(take away a raindrop)
Bye, bye, bye!
(wave goodbye)

BOUNCE: “Ladies Ride”

MOVEMENT: Patty Cake*


Rain Dance
by Kathi Appelt, pictures by Emilie Chollat

TICKLE: These are Baby’s Fingers*

Hickory Dickory Dock

Pattern taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book by Judy Sierra

Hickory Dickory Dock
The mouse ran up the clock (tickle baby up one side)
The clock struck one (lift baby up in the air as you say, “Ding Dong!”)
The mouse ran down (tickle baby down other side)
Hickory Dickory Dock.

Repeat this as a bounce having clock strike two, three, etc, and have caregivers little their little ones in the air as many times as the clock strikes.

MOVEMENT: “Itsy Bitsy Spider” from Children’s Favorite Songs Volume 3 from Walt Disney

MOVEMENT: “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from Songs for Wiggleworms by the Old Town School of Folk Music

MOVEMENT: Storytime’s Over*


Book: Thirsty Thursday by Phyllis Root, illustrated by Helen Craig

storytime katie – Rainy Days!
yogibrarian – “Rain” Toddler Storytime 
Mel’s Desk – Baby Storytime: Spring and Rain

Jen in the Library – Rain – Infant Storytime (Feburary 1, 2014)
Jen in the Library – Rain – Infant Storytime (December 2, 2014)

I’m a little late in putting this one up, so I don’t remember too much — which means it must have been ok.  I think Rainy Day Puddle worked well as a shorter story, and I like doing Hickory Dickory Dock as a Bounce.

PRESENTED: Tuesday, November 7, 2017

ATTENDANCE: 26 people (adults and children)

* For these songs, please see my page Storytime Movements & Music

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