Flannel Friday – Mother and Babies Match

I was looking through my flannelboards to find something for my Mother’s Day storytime and came across this one handed-down to me by my now-retired librarian mother.  It was taken from A Storytime Year by Susan M. Dailey. The templates for the patterns were from that book and others.

Mother and Babies Match
Start with one baby animal on the flannelboard.
This baby makes a mooing sound
When his mother’s not around.
Calf is the name of this baby.
What is his mother called?
Add the mother to the flannelboard after the audience answers.

Continue the rhyme, substituting the correct animal sounds and names.
Barking, puppy, dog.

Meowing, kitten, cat.

Quacking, duckling, duck.

Oinking, piglet, pig.

Growling, cub, bear.

Roaring, cub, lion.

Cheeping, chick, hen.

Soon you’ll have so many mothers and babies on your board they won’t all fit! (Or at least they didn’t all fit on mine!)
And if you have a bigger board, you can continue this with all sorts of different animal matches.  Make up new pairs until you do run out of room, or the audience is tired of guessing.

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